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In 2001, Sunderland greengrocer Steve Thoburn was convicted of selling bananas by the pound on imperial scales, a criminal offence as the result of an EU Directive. The Metric Martyrs Campaign was set up to challenge the conviction, and prevent other traders suffering the same fate. The criminal case was consolidated with three others and attracted massive public support. There was public outrage when the convictions were upheld in the High Court in a case which established the supremacy of EU over British law. Continued pressure by the Metric Martyrs Campaign ensured that no-one else was ever convicted under the Metrication Regulations. The European Commission and the Government have now, after 7 years, announced that they are abandoning their enforced metrication programme. This represents a monumental victory for 'people power.' Tragically, Steve Thoburn died in his wife's arms of a heart attack at the age of 39, days after learning that his appeal to the European Court of Human Rights had been rejected. The real tragedy is that the man who drew his line in the sand is not here to share the victory. This petition respectfully requests a posthumous Royal Pardon for Steven Thoburn on behalf of his wife Leigh, and his children Rhys, Georgia and Jay and pardons for traders John Dove, Julian Harman and Colin Hunt, the only others ever to be convicted under the Metrication Regulations. We, the undersigned, support the petition calling for a Royal Pardon for the Metric Martyrs. Please sign and forward to your friends, relations and colleagues. Together we can make it happen.

Royal Pardon Campaign: What We Do
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